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Active Administrator 8.3 - Whats New

What's New in Active Administrator

Quest® Active Administrator® 8.3 is the latest release of Quest Software's complete solution for managing Microsoft® Active Directory® health, delegation, accounts, GPOs, recovery and security auditing, and certificate and DNS management. This document provides a highlight of these improvements.

This document highlights key features new in this release. For more information about these or any features, see the Quest Active Administrator 8.3 User Guide.

Additional supported platforms

SQL Server® 2017

Azure Active Directory Connect Health Monitoring

Once you install the Active Administrator® Azure® Active Directory® Connect Health Monitoring Agent on a computer where Microsoft® Azure Active Directory Connect is installed, you can view a summary of the output of the Synchronization Service Manager; manage the Azure Active Directory Connect Scheduler; view warnings, errors, and events that occurred over the last 24 hours; view a list of the installed connectors, properties, and partitions; and run profiles of selected connectors. Select Active Directory Health | Active Directory Connect and use the tabs to analyze Azure Active Directory Connect.

Network Operations Center

The Network Operations Center (NOC) in the Active Administrator Web Console provides a centralized location where you can monitor your forests, domains, sites, and domain controllers. You can view a summary of data points, view active alerts, and detailed information on each domain. You also can create topology diagrams for a visual representation of your network. To customize your view of the NOC, create unique profiles to view the specific data you need. Open the Web Console and click NOC View.

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