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Migrator for Notes to Exchange 4.16 - SSDM User Guide

Instructions and Field Notes

Overview of Self-Service Desktop Migrator

Migrator for Notes to Exchange’s Self-Service Desktop Migrator (SSDM) is a program that can migrate your mail files and personal address books from Notes to your Exchange mailbox, and migrate your Notes mail files and archives into Outlook personal folder (.pst) files. As part of the migration process, the program converts Notes-format addresses into standard SMTP format (the Internet-standard Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) so that you can reply to all migrated messages, and so all of your migrated contacts will work from your new Exchange server. The program can also migrate your calendar data and tasks.

Address books are converted to Exchange contacts so you can continue to use the same familiar nicknames that you used in Notes. You can also access other data such as phone numbers and mailing addresses.

This User Guide provides operating instructions for running the Self-Service Desktop Migrator. Each user must run this program independently, from his or her own desktop, or an administrator may run the program on behalf of an end user (by the user’s login credentials), at the user’s desktop. Follow the instructions provided by your mail administrator to choose configuration settings within this tool.

Before you begin...

If you don’t know how to reconfigure or turn off your antivirus software, ask your system administrator for help. Some functions of the Quest desktop migrator are incompatible with antivirus software.

You can then turn the application back on after the Self-Service Desktop Migrator has completed its run.

Running the Self-Service Desktop Migrator

When you start the Self-Service Desktop Migrator, the program displays its Welcome screen to identify itself and welcome you to the process.

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