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Metalogix Content Matrix 9.4 - Performance Optimization Guide

Non-WFE server/agent

·4 core CPU or higher

·8gb of RAM or higher

·20gb of free disk space

WFE server/agent

·8 core CPU

·16gb of RAM or higher

·50gb of free disk space

NOTE: Please avoid installation of Metalogix Content Matrix on a disk that also hosts the SQL server for the target SharePoint installation. This can result in significant resource utilization, and will eliminate many of the benefits of parallelization.

Scaling Hardware

Metalogix Content Matrix can take advantage of scaling hardware within the migration environment.

Scaling Out

Scaling out is the process of adding servers with Metalogix Content Matrix installed to perform migrations concurrently to different Web Front End (WFE) servers within the target on premises SharePoint farm.

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