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Metalogix Content Matrix 9.4 - Performance Optimization Guide


This document covers a number of different topics to help you with optimizing the performance for migrating your content into SharePoint with Metalogix Content Matrix. These topics include:

·special considerations for migrating to a SharePoint on premises target, which includes:

§hardware best practices and scaling

§SharePoint connection adapters

·special considerations for migrating to SharePoint Online

·using PowerShell

·using Distributed Migration in SharePoint Edition to maximize resource utilization for large migration jobs

These migration optimizations are only a general set of guidelines to help you with your migration. For more information on any of the specific features and abilities of Metalogix Content Matrix, please see the appropriate Edition’s Help file (located within the client application, or user documentation that can be found online at


The only requirement that is necessary to use this document is to be in the process of installing, or have already installed, Metalogix Content Matrix Console into your environment, for migrating your content into SharePoint.  Since appropriate installation of Metalogix Content Matrix can have a major impact on performance, it is preferable to modify your installation if necessary based on the guidance in this document.

Please refer to the Metalogix Content Matrix Console Quick Start Guide or Metalogix Content Matrix Advanced Installation Guide for details on installing Metalogix Content Matrix.

Special Considerations for Migrations to a SharePoint On Premises Target

NOTE:  For performance considerations specific to migrating to a SharePoint Online target, see Special Considerations for SharePoint Online Targets.

Hardware Best Practices

In addition to the minimum requirements laid out in the Metalogix Content Matrix Console Quick Start Guide or Metalogix Content Matrix Advanced Installation Guide, migration servers where Metalogix Content Matrix will be installed will perform optimally with the following hardware configurations:

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