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Unified Communications Diagnostics 8.5 - Evaluator Guide

About Unified Communications Diagnostics

UC Diagnostics helps administrators detect problems in their messaging environment, accurately locate the root cause, and resolve the problems from a single, easy-to-use interface. It provides a robust and informed troubleshooting solution for Exchange, BlackBerry, Office Communications Server (OCS), Lync/Skype for Business, and Office 365.

UC Diagnostics supports the following platforms:

System requirements

Before you install UC Diagnostics, ensure that your system meets the following system requirements. The operating system that you use should be based on your Exchange environment:

Exchange 2007/2010/2013/2016

Any operating system


Any operating system

Office Communications Server 2007 and 2007 R2

Any operating system

Lync Server 2010

Any operating system

Lync Server 2013
Skype for Business 2015

Any operating system

Office 365

Any 64-bit operating system

Exchange 2007 does not work with Exchange 2016 in the same environment.

For a list of permissions and details about the system requirements, see the Unified Communications Diagnostics Deployment Guide.


x86 or x64, running at a minimum speed of 2 GHz


8 GB

Hard Disk Space

300 MB on system drive for application. The database may require additional space. For more information, see the Unified Communications Diagnostics Deployment Guide.

Operating System

One of the following:


One of the following:

Additional Software

The following applications must be installed before you install UC Diagnostics. (Some software is installed as part of the operating system):

Installing UC Diagnostics

The following section describes how to install UC Diagnostics on a single computer. The account used to install UC Diagnostics must have local administrative rights and database creator rights on the SQL database.

These components can be installed on one computer or distributed over several computers. For more information on distributed installation, see the Unified Communications Diagnostics Deployment Guide.

Consider the following recommendations:

Click the Install tab.
Click Unified Communications Diagnostics.

Diagnostic Console


Diagnostic Services

The database can be installed before or at the same time you install the Diagnostic Services.


If you are installing the database on a remote computer, ensure remote connections are enabled on the SQL Server, and you have sufficient rights to create/modify the database.

If you are installing the database on an SQL instance, you must specify the instance name, for example "sqlexpress".

If you are using SQL Server Always On, you must specify an availability group listener that connects to the primary replica.

Web Reports

Click Finish.

If you have installed only some features and later want to install other UC Diagnostics features, you must remove UC Diagnostics. When you reinstall the product, you can select the additional features you want to add.

Licensing Unified Communications Diagnostics

UC Diagnostics has a 30-day trial license key that is automatically downloaded when you download the product.

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