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Unified Communications Diagnostics 8.5 - Data Recorder User Guide

Introducing the UC Diagnostics Data Recorder

About the Data Recorder

The UC Diagnostics Data Recorder enhances the Diagnostic Console by capturing server performance data, making it easier for you as an administrator to troubleshoot and resolve possible issues. Quest technical support staff can use the Data Recorder to record and analyze server performance data on customer sites.

The Data Recorder functions in one of two modes - Data Recorder or Help Desk, and has a log file feature, which creates log entries for the Diagnostic Console.

You can choose the mode in which to use the Data Recorder by selecting the Record, Play, Stop, and Resume options available under the Data Recorder and Help Desk labels, as shown in the following image:

The Diagnostic Console user interface indicates the mode in which the Diagnostic Console is operating.

The following example indicates that the Diagnostic Console is operating in Record Mode.

The Debug Logging feature provides you with more information when troubleshooting possible problems with your server. When Debug Logging is initialized, issues that occur when the Diagnostic Console is running are entered into the SOE_INFO log file. You can view the SOE_INFO log file to analyze the issues.

You should disable the Debug Logging option during the Data Recorder Play and Help Desk Play mode.

Minimum System Requirements

The system requirements for the Data Recorder are based on the requirements for the Diagnostic Console.

For more details about system requirements and other information about UC Diagnostics, refer to the Unified Communications Diagnostics Deployment Guide.

If you have workstations that have UAC enabled and you want to use the Data Recorder Helpdesk Playback feature, you must run the DataRecorderConfig.exe “As Administrator” and then launch the UC Diagnostics Console “As Administrator” so that the connections can work correctly in helpdesk mode.

Starting the Data Recorder

You can start the Data Recorder from the following location:

Select <Install Drive> | Program Files | Quest | Spotlight | Plug-ins | DatasourceSOM.
Double-click DataRecorderConfig.exe.
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