Unified Communications Analytics 8.5.1 - User Guide

Introducing Quest UC Analytics Viewing UC Analytics insights Modifying UC Analytics insights Exporting and importing UC Analytics insights Automatically exporting and sending insights (subscriptions) Appendix A:Questions and Answers for UC Analytics insights Appendix B:List of UC Analytics insights

Introducing Quest UC Analytics

This guide introduces Quest Unified Communications Analytics (UC Analytics) and provides basic information to get you started using the insights.

UC Analytics provides dynamic analytics to unlock the business intelligence in your most important and widely-used corporate communication assets. Predefined and customized insights provide a simple way to view message volumes and individual message details between individuals, groups, and external entities. Gain insight into your on-premises, hybrid, or online UC environments (Microsoft Exchange, Lync/Skype for Business, Office 365, and Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

The UC Analytics insights enable you to:

For information about installing and configuring UC Analytics, see the Quest Unified Communications Analytics Deployment Guide.

Supported environments

You can use UC Analytics to collect data from the following environments:

UC Analytics collects different types of data from these environments:

You configure the settings that determine how data is displayed and which users can access the data.

For information about installing the product, creating data collections and configuring user access to insights, see the Quest Unified Communications Analytics Deployment Guide.

Viewing UC Analytics insights

Accessing the Analytics web site

You access the insights through the UC Analytics Welcome page at the following web site:

On the Welcome page, you have the option of

On the Analytics web site, you can access the insight library at any time by clicking the library icon on the left border.

When you first access the Analytics web site, you can quickly populate your My Insights home page by selecting Give me the recommended insights. The My Insights page is populated with a basic set of insights.

You can then access the library and add any other insights that you want. For more information, see Selecting insights from the library . Use the Manage Insights option to remove any unwanted insights from your My Insights page.

By default, the UC Analytics date and time formats are set to month/day/year (M/d/yyyy) and hour:minute:seconds am or pm (h:mm:ss tt). When displaying numeric values, UC Analytics uses a period (.) for decimal values and a comma (,) as digit separators for thousands.

You can modify these settings to match your locale. These settings are configured per user. An administrator cannot set these values for all users.

Select Edit Profile.
Click Save.

UC Analytics determines the time zone that is used for scheduling and insights from the regional settings of the computer that is running the user browser. Each time you log in, your user profile’s time zone offset is updated to the time zone of the client computer. The offset is used for executing queries and affects the display of data, including subscriptions.

If you want your data queries to always run using a particular time zone offset regardless of your current location or whether Daylight Saving Time is active, you can set an override in your user profile page.

Select Edit Profile.
Click the Use Specific button in the Time zone section.
Click Save.

UC Analytics provides a tour of the different aspects of the My Insights home page and of insights through pop-up tips that guide you. The pop up tips are displayed the first time you access different areas of the web site. You can either turn off tips or reset tip in your user profile.

Select User Profile.
To reset tips so that they display again, select the Show tips check box and click Reset Tips.
Click Save.
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