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Quadrotech Archive Shuttle 10.3 - Administration Guide

Manage Mappings

The Manage Mappings area of the Admin Interface contains multiple views of the containers involved in the archive migration.

The three views provided are:

·Bulk Mapping

·Manual Mapping

·Existing Mappings

The different views are described in the following sections.

Mapping Templates

Using the Mapping Templates feature, you can create a container mapping template where you can set the total mailbox item count limit or item size limit. Then, when creating a mapping, you can assign a template and override settings for the O365 Module in SysConfig.



NOTE: Currently the Mapping Templates feature is available for Virtual Journal only.

Creating a Mapping Template

Create a mapping template before creating a mapping by following these steps:

1.Select Configuration, then Templates, then Mapping Templates from the left menu bar.

2.Click Add.

3.Enter a name/description and desired limits using the Mapping Template Configuration window (shown below).

4.Save the template.


Or, if you don’t create a mapping template in advance, you can create one using the Create new Template link available on the Add Mappings Wizard (shown below).


Assigning a Mapping Template

For new mappings, the Add Mappings Wizard prompts you to choose the mapping template you want to assign (see image above).

If you don’t assign a template (or an empty one is assigned) during mapping and item collection/migration is enabled, you’ll see this warning message (in red) within the wizard:


If you opt to not choose a mapping template, the default settings configured in SysConfig – O365 Module are applied.

If you haven’t enabled item collection/migration for the mapping, you can change or assign a mapping template on Existing Mapping page using the Set Template button shown below.


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