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NetVault 13.1.2 - Installation Guide

Introduction Deploying NetVault Reviewing pre-installation requirements Installing NetVault Reviewing post-installation requirements Upgrading NetVault Licensing NetVault Removing NetVault Troubleshooting

Upgrading NetVault in text mode

The text mode is available on all supported operating systems, except Windows.

The License Agreement screen is displayed. Press Enter to read through the agreement.
Press y to accept the license agreement and continue.
In the Ready to Upgrade screen, press Enter to begin installation.

Upgrading NetVault in unattended mode

Migrating NetVault Server from Hybrid to Pure environment

Currently you can install NetVault Server in Hybrid and Pure environment on supported Windows and Linux operating systems. This feature helps you migrate from Windows or Linux NetVault Server Hybrid (32-bit) to a Pure environment (64-bit). This migration lets you use all of the available system resources of a 64-bit OS, which increases the capability to use NetVault.

Migration Prerequisites

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