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NetVault 13.1.2 - Installation Guide

Introduction Deploying NetVault Reviewing pre-installation requirements Installing NetVault Reviewing post-installation requirements Upgrading NetVault Licensing NetVault Removing NetVault Troubleshooting


On Linux OS, verify that the following shared C libraries are available on the server and client systems:

These libraries provide the standard library functions, including the “system calls” functions.

On systems that do not have these packages, NetVault does not start after installation. In this scenario, run the following command from the NetVault installation directory (/usr/netvault/, by default) to obtain a list of NetVault dependencies and to determine any missing ones.

The missing dependencies are reported as “Not Found.”

The required files are available as RPM packages. You can install them using the RPM utility. For more information, see the man page for the rpm command. You can also use the configuration tool YaST (Yet another Setup Tool) to locate and install the packages. Once the tool finds the package containing the required file, select the Install command from the Package menu to install the file. For more information about YaST, see the user’s guide for this tool.

RHEL 5.x

Create the following symbolic links:

Solaris 10 (SPARC and x86-64)

On Solaris 10, you must configure or use the sgen driver utility to add the client-attached library devices to the NetVault Server.

Open the file sgen.conf for editing. Verify that the sgen driver is configured to attach to the target device. The “sgen” line of this file should look similar to the following:
Editing the sgen.conf file may require that you reboot the target system.
Step 1: Checking to ensure that the “/devices” directory exists:
Step 2: Checking to ensure that the “/dev/scsi/changer” directory contains the appropriate files and these files have been properly associated to the target device:
Create a symbolic link in the /dev directory for the NetVault device file associated with the hardware path used in the /dev/scsi/changer directory:

Solaris 11 (SPARC and x86-64)

On Solaris 11, the OS does not correctly update the machine configuration to attach the library arm to the sgen driver after NetVault updates the sgen.conf file. You can use the following procedure to update the machine configuration.

For more information, see the Oracle Solaris Administration Guide.

Create a copy of the driver_aliases file. Remove the sgen driver and install it again:
NOTE: : You may have to copy /kernel/drv/sgen.conf to /etc/drivers/drv.
If the output of the grep command shows that the aliases “scsiclass,08” and “scsa,0.8.bmpt” are assigned to the sgen driver, the driver is properly configured.
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