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NetVault Plug-in for Sybase 3.2 - User Guide

Restoring data

Selecting data for a restore

If you are performing an Incremental or Differential restore, take the database offline to prevent an error from occurring.
On the Create Restore Job — Choose Saveset page, select Plug‑in for Sybase from the Plugin Type list.
When you select a saveset, the following details are displayed in the Saveset Information area: Job ID, job title, server name, client name, plug-in name, saveset date and time, retirement setting, Incremental Backup or not, Archive or not, saveset size, and snapshot-based backup or not.
Click Next.
On the Create Selection Set page, select the data that you want to restore.

Setting restore options

On the Create Selection Set page, click Edit Plugin Options, and configure the following parameters on the Options tab:

Account: Enter the account name for the selected server that has the appropriate access for restore. By default, the value entered in the Default Account Name field of the Configure dialog box is displayed in this field.
Password: Enter the password value associated with the specified account.
IMPORTANT: The Account Name used for the restore must have an associated Sybase password; that is, a password must have been set up for the account and this value must appear in the Password field of the Options tab. Using an Account Name that does not have an associated password causes the restore job to fail.

Entries in the Password field are case-sensitive.
Target Server: If it is necessary to relocate a restore to a different Sybase Server instance, enter the name of the Sybase Server to which the restore should be sent. By default, the name of the Sybase Server from which this backup was initially taken is displayed in this field. For more information, see Restoring a database to a new location (relocation).
Backup Type: This field shows the type of backup that was performed for the selected backup saveset, for example, FULL, INCREMENTAL, or DIFFERENTIAL.

Finalizing and submitting the job

The final steps include setting additional options on the Schedule, Source Options, and Advanced Options pages, submitting the job, and monitoring the progress through the Job Status and View Logs pages. These pages and options are common to all NetVault Backup Plug-ins. For more information, see the Quest NetVault Backup Administrator’s Guide.

To save the settings, click Ok, and then click Next.
In Job Name, specify a name for the job if you do not want to use the default setting.
In the Target Client list, select the machine on which you want to restore the data.
TIP: You can also click Choose, and then locate and select the applicable client in the Choose the Target Client dialog box.
Use the Schedule, Source Options, and Advanced Options lists to configure any additional required options.
Click Save or Save & Submit, whichever is applicable.
You can monitor progress on the Job Status page and view the logs on the View Logs page. For more information, see the Quest NetVault Backup Administrator’s Guide.
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