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NetVault Plug-in for Oracle 13.0 - User Guide

Introducing Quest® NetVault® Plug-in  for Oracle Defining a backup strategy Installing and removing the plug-in Configuring the plug-in Backing up data Using the Oracle Flashback Database Restoring data
Restoring and recovering data: an overview Performing User Managed restores Using advanced User Managed restore procedures Performing RMAN restores Using RMAN types of recovery in a non-RAC environment Using advanced procedures with RMAN restores
Maintaining the Recovery Catalog Using the RMAN CLI Using the plug-in with Oracle RAC Using the plug-in in a failover cluster environment Using the plug-in with Oracle Data Guard Using the plug-in with Oracle Container Databases (CDBs) and Pluggable Databases (PDBs) Troubleshooting

Target audience

While advanced Oracle DBA skills are not required to create and run routine backup operations, they are required for defining the Oracle database backup-and-recovery strategy.

Recommended additional reading

Quest NetVault Installation Guide: This guide provides details on installing the NetVault Server and Client software.
Quest NetVault Administrator’s Guide: This guide explains how to use NetVault and describes the functionality common to all plug-ins.
Quest NetVault CLI Reference Guide: This guide provides a description of the command-line utilities.


Defining a backup strategy

Defining a strategy: overview

The primary objective of backing up data is to recover from the damage caused by a failure and resume normal operations as quickly as possible. This recovery can be accomplished only if you have a well-designed backup-and-recovery strategy that maximizes data protection and minimizes data loss.

To formulate an efficient strategy, begin with your recovery strategy, which defines your recovery requirements, and the recovery techniques you use to recover from various failure modes, such as media failure, user error, data corruption, and complete loss of the Oracle Database Server.

Each restore and recovery requirement imposes requirements on your backup strategy. After you have decided on your recovery strategy, you can plan your backup strategy, which will define your backup requirements, including:

Typically, when defining a backup strategy, you face a trade-off between mean time to recover (MTTR) and backup space usage.

The topics that follow provide information and guidelines that can help you formulate a backup strategy for use with the plug-in.

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