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NetVault Plug-in for FileSystem 13.1.2 - User Guide

Exclusion list considerations

The Plug‑in for FileSystem supports the following special characters in an exclusion list.


Used to terminate Linux and UNIX file paths.


Used to terminate Windows file paths.


Used to match any one character.


Used to insert new line.


Used to insert carriage return.


Used to insert tab.


Used to insert form feed.


Used to insert backspace,


Used to escape any special character that follows.


Used to specify ! character in the filename or path.


Backing up data

Backing up with Plug-in for FileSystem

Backing up with Plug‑in for FileSystem

NetVault Plug‑in for FileSystem works with NetVault Server to back up sparse files and provide file-level recovery (FLR) of data backed up using continuous data protection (CDP).

About backup methods

The NetVault supports the following backup methods:

Standard Backup method: This method lets you perform native file system backups. The Standard Backup method is supported on all operating systems.
Snapshot-Based Backup method: This method lets you perform snapshot-based backups. A snapshot provides point-in-time copy of data. Snapshots enable consistent backups of data and minimize the time an application is in backup mode.
NOTE: The Backup Files to Storage is supported on any Windows platform and any disk storage. To use the Array-Based Persistent Snapshot and Discard After the data that you want to back up must reside on a supported disk array. Also, for persistent snapshot only backup, only metadata is copied to the target device and snapshot is created on storage array.
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