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NetVault Plug-in for FileSystem 13.0 - User Guide

Selection tree icons: Linux and UNIX

Open directory

Closed directory

Open linked directory

Closed linked directory

Open local mount point

Closed local mount point

Open remote mount point

Closed remote mount point


Linked file


Linked socket


Linked FIFO

Block device

Linked block device

Character device

Linked character device

Broken link


Files modified during backup

Selection tree icons: Windows

Fixed drives


Open directory

Closed directory


Compressed file

Hidden file

Executable file

File modified during backup

Removable drives


Removable media

Network shares

System state

Active Directory (Windows server only)

Com+ class registration database or registry

Disk quota database

System files


Remote storage manager database

IIS meta database (Windows server only)

Certificate server (Windows server only)

Inclusion lists

This section includes the following topics:

About inclusion lists

An inclusion list is a text file that contains a list of files and directories that you want to include in a job. You can use any text editor to create this list. After creating the file, save it on the client to which you want to apply the list. On Linux and UNIX, save the file in multi-byte text format. On Windows, save the file in Unicode text format.

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