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NetVault Bare Metal Recovery 13.1.1 - User Guide for NetVault Server

Adding a VTL created on an NFS

Open the diskdevices.cfg file, and locate the [libraries] stanza.
After the [libraries] stanza, enter the following line:
Locate the [drives] stanza, and insert the following line:
In the Navigation pane of the NetVault WebUI, click Manage Devices, and then click Add Device.
Select the Virtual tape library/media changer and Re-add previously generated virtual device options, and click Next.

Selecting the BMR target media

The next step is to select a dedicated BMR target media for your backup. To create a Target Set, perform the following steps.

Next to Target Storage, click .
Click Device Selection, and select the applicable device.
Click Media Options, select the applicable options; enter a user-defined label, for example, BMRMedia string in the Media Label field.
Click Media Sharing, and select the applicable options.
Click Save to save the set, enter a name in the Create New Set dialog box, and click Save.

Backing up the source NetVault Server

To back up the server, complete steps outlined in the following topics.

Prerequisites for an offline backup

Before initiating a backup with the Plug-in Server, review the following topics for details on prerequisites that must be met.

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