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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - Release Notes

Release Notes

LiteSpeed® for SQL Server® 8.9.5

Release Notes

March 2022

These release notes provide information about the LiteSpeed for SQL Server release.


About this release

LiteSpeed for SQL Server, or LiteSpeed, is a fast and flexible backup and recovery solution that allows DBAs to easily maintain complete control over the backup and recovery process. Its low-impact, high-performance compression and encryption technology enables users to reduce storage costs and protect data, while improving both backup and disaster recovery times. With the improved compression and LiteSpeed's Fast Compression technology, LiteSpeed for SQL Server can further reduce disk space and backup time up to another 85% over traditional, compressed full backup solutions. The result is a unique backup and recovery approach, unmatched in flexibility, that greatly reduces backup times, creates a significantly smaller storage footprint, and maintains a high level of recoverability.

  • LiteSpeed 8.9.5 is a minor release,

Key Benefits

  • Store database backups directly into the following cloud platforms: Microsoft Azure Blob storage, Amazon S3, Google Storage and S3 Compatible Storage.

  • Reduce storage requirements to save valuable disk space with Fast Compression (reduce storage and improve backup times up to 85% over traditional full backup solutions)
  • Optimize use of available server resources with LiteSpeed's Adaptive Compression
  • Reduce backup times to improve maintenance windows
  • Reduce restore times to avoid excessive downtime
  • Automate backup testing and running database consistency checks using Automated Restore
  • Easily configure backup jobs and maintenance plans on multiple instances by deploying LiteSpeed Backup Templates
  • Easily configure and monitor Log Shipping using the Create LiteSpeed Log Shipping Plan Wizard and Monitoring tab in the LiteSpeed UI Console
  • Recover data and schema from backups using LiteSpeed's Object Level Recovery
  • Undo critical transactions using LiteSpeed's Transaction Log Reader
  • View backup performance across the enterprise using LiteSpeed's centralized reporting repository
  • Easily manage SQL Agent jobs across multiple servers using LiteSpeed's Job Manager
  • Easily configure maintenance plans across the enterprise using LiteSpeed's Maintenance Plan Designer
  • Easily configure backups cleanup rules with Smart Cleanup Policies
  • Leverage LiteSpeed's advanced engine tuning, including CPU Affinity, CPU Throttling, and Threading options
  • Analyze your environment for best backup performance and identify bottlenecks using LiteSpeed's Backup Analyzer
  • Eight highly optimized levels of compression
  • Secure data using backup encryption up to AES-256

New Features

New features in LiteSpeed 8.9.5:

  • Ability to deploy backup templates using PowerShell. [LS-2105]
  • Allow to suppress error result for tlog backup in case of no full backup existing for the databases. [LS-1346]
  • Ability to export backup history to excel. [LS-1632]

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The following is a list of enhancements implemented in LiteSpeed 8.9.5.

Table 1: General enhancements

Enhancement Issue ID
Allow to set the number of concurrent backups in maintenance plans (number of threads) LS-2168
Change maintenance plans logging to "Verbose, Log files removed on success" and add deletion of old log files LS-2157
Maintenance plans UI improvements LS-2164
The procedure for the synchronization from the Local to the Central database is added LS-2344

Deprecated features

The following is a list of features that are no longer supported starting with LiteSpeed 8.9.5.

Table 2: Features that are no longer supported

Features Issue ID
Extended stored procedure xp_memory_size marked as deprecated. It will be removed from the product with version 9.0. LS-1406, LS-1762
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