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KACE Systems Management Appliance 12.0 Common Documents - Release Notes

Quest® KACE® Systems Management Appliance 12.0 Release Notes

Quest® KACE® Systems Management Appliance 12.0 Release Notes

This document provides information about the KACE Systems Management Appliance version 12.0.

About KACE Systems Management Appliance 12.0

About KACE Systems Management Appliance 12.0

KACE Systems Management Appliance is designed to automate device management, application deployment, patching, asset management, and Service Desk ticket management. For more information about KACE Systems Management Appliance series, go to This release contains a number of new features, resolved issues, and security enhancements.

New features

New features

This release of the KACE Systems Management Appliance includes the following features.


Azure and AWS S3 storage support: You can now configure the appliance to use cloud-based off-board backup such as the Microsoft Azure Blob and Amazon S3 storage. This requires an MS Azure or Amazon S3 storage account, as applicable.
Ability to change the name of the admin user: If your environment includes multiple appliances, you can simplify and speed up periodic administrative changes to comply with your security policies. The name of the default admin account can be easily changed, however use caution when changing the login and password of the admin account. The admin account login names and passwords on all linked appliances and organizations must be the same if you want to switch between them using the drop-down list in the top-right corner.
Administrative user security enhancements: The local admin account can now be disabled or renamed, as needed.
Changing default configuration passwords: Starting in this release, you can easily change the passwords of the default service accounts, such as konfig/konfig and netdiag/netdiag.
Scalability enhancements: The appliance now allows you to manage up to 50K devices using the default configuration.
FreeBSD 12.2: FreeBSD included with the appliance is updated to version 12.2, that addresses a number of security advisories.
LDAP/SAML for the System Administration Console: LDAP support is now extended to the System Administration Console. It allows a user to access the System Administration Console using an LDAP profile, and to access each organization’s Administrator Console as an administrator with full read/write permissions.
Initial Setup wizard enhancements: The Initial Setup wizard now allows you to restore the appliance data from a backup, and to re-set network configuration, as needed.
Ability to exclude network settings from a restore job: Backup, restore, and migration processes often run in multiple environments, such as testing and development. It is often required for both target and destination devices to remain online. The restore process now have the option to exclude network settings, allowing the appliance administrator to keep selected devices online.
Nutanix support: The appliance can now be hosted on Nutanix. Note that Nutanix support for Guest Tools on FreeBSD is not supported at this time, so certain Nutanix features such as VSS (snapshot), self-service restore, and VM Mobility are not available.

Device communications

Native M1-Series CPU Agent for macOS: Starting in this release, the KACE Agent can run natively on Apple Silicon (M1) chips.
macOS 12.0 (Monterey) support: The appliance now supports endpoints running macOS 12.0. Monitoring is not supported on this OS. For a full list of OS requirements for agent-managed devices, see the Technical Specifications for Virtual Appliances.

Service Desk

Knowledge Base articles suggested at ticket creation: As you create a Service Desk ticket, a list of suggested knowledge base articles appears based on the information provided in the ticket.

Ticket import tool: The appliance now includes a custom mapping capability to import tickets from external systems, to allow you easily migrate your tickets from another system.



The following is a list of enhancements implemented in this release.

NOTE: The appliance API now supports API clients that use x-kace-api-version and x-kace-csrf-token headers when communicating with the appliance. However, older clients that use x-dell-api-version and x-dell-csrf-token are still supported, as long as they include the x-dell-api-version request header in the login request. Please note that the method of communicating using the old Dell headers is now deprecated, and will be removed in a future release.


Issue ID

KACE Agent is supported natively for macOS devices with Apple silicon chip.


KACE Agent system tray shortcuts now support a list of default KACE specific replacement variables.


KACE Agent only supports 64-bit Linux operating systems for RHEL, Ubuntu, SUSE, and CentOS.


Patch status now changes to Active if a previously superseded patch is no longer superseded.


Global Administrator role is added to the System Administration Console.


Last inventory processing time for each device is now available on the Device Details page.


Samba-enabled boxes now have a method of disabling guest access.


10.x KACE Agents no longer connect to the KACE Systems Management Appliance Server. All agents must be upgraded prior to upgrading the appliance to version 12.0. See Prepare for the update.


Changes to ticket rules are now logged in object settings history.


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