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KACE Cloud Current - Release Notes

Release Notes

KACE® Cloud

Release Notes

October 2022

These release notes provide information about the latest KACE Cloud release.


About this release

KACE Cloud allows you to quickly enroll mobile devices, manage their inventory, and to apply required configurations and policies. You can interact with managed devices using a standard set of commands, such as resetting a password or locking a device, as needed. This cloud-based product helps you implement your entire device management solution quickly, and ensuring that managed devices follow your organization guidelines and standards, while protecting your data integrity.

This release contains one new feature and a number of resolved issues. See New features.

Supported platforms


  • Android 8.0+ (Work Profile, Fully Managed, and Zero-Touch enrollments)
  • Android 11.0+ (COPE enrollments)


  • iOS 8.0+ (Personal and supervised devices, DEP enrollments)
  • iOS 11.0+ (Enrollment using Apple Configurator 2)
  • iPadOS 13.0+
  • macOS 10.13+ (Enrollments)
  • tvOS 10.2+


  • Windows 11 Professional, Enterprise, Education
  • Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise, Education, 1709 or later

NOTE: Autopilot and Azure Domain Joins require Azure AD P1 or P2.


  • Google Chrome 49+
  • Microsoft Edge 16+ (Not supported on mobile devices.)
  • Mozilla Firefox 45+
  • Apple Safari 12+ (Mac only)

System-provided mobile administrative applications are not currently available.

New Features

New feature in KACE Cloud:

  • Patch management (beta version). When patching is enabled in KACE Cloud, you can patch managed Windows devices to the latest OS and app software versions. Support for macOS will be available in a future release. Ensuring your managed devices are up to date helps improve their overall performance and protects them from potential vulnerabilities.

    KACE Cloud maintains a central patch catalog of OS-level and app patches for Windows devices that is updated on a daily basis. When patching is configured for selected software and target devices, the patches are detected and installed as part of a policy schedule. If a patch becomes available between scheduled policy runs, target devices will be updated during the scheduled run. KACE Cloud uses the KACE Cloud Agent to facilitate the installation of patches on managed devices. In most cases, the patching process instructs target devices to obtain and install patches directly from patch vendors' websites.

    NOTE: Patch management is currently available as a closed beta feature, to select customers only. It requires a separate KACE Cloud Secure license. To participate in the beta program, contact KACE Cloud Sales. A free 15-day trial is also available and can be started directly from KACE Cloud.

See also:

Resolved Issues

The following issues are addressed in this release.

Table 1: General resolved issues

Resolved Issue Issue ID
Administration portal: Security library configuration list sort order was unexpectedly lost. 6865
Administration portal: Security library list device counts were cut off when there were many items. 6864
Policy manager was repeatedly trying to uninstall an app even though it succeeded. 6824
KACE Connect app for Android was starting up in demo mode. 6811
Very large inventory payloads were not being processed by the Device API. 6793
Apple devices were sometimes sending invalid characters in their uploads. 6780
Apple DEP sync was taking too long for many tenants. 6767
Device could fail to enroll if a pending unenroll queued up. 6766
App uninstall was marked as failed when the app was not on the device. 6760
Managed configuration was taking too long to build for android apps with very large number of settings. 6748
Effective restrictions showed an error on Android 13 devices. 6733
iOS Check for updates command was failing. 6706
macOS device that is manually enrolled showed as failed in Enrollment portal even though it was successful. 6697
If more than one enrollment profile is installed before the macOS has reported inventory, the device could get stuck and stop receiving commands. 6696
Getting effective restrictions for Android devices that included Kiosk mode was failing. 6692
Installing an Android app from the Google Play Store option of a selected device was failing. 6678
Multiple Android app permissions were being changed instead of only the selected app. 6677
Windows Edition field was not showing up when searching the device inventory. 6668
Changing time zone override to No Override did not activate Save button. 6569
Devices sometimes failed to delete. 6552
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