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Foglight 6.0.0 - Performance Tuning Field Guide

Overview Hardware and Operating System Tuning Management Server Tuning Java Virtual Machine Tuning Backend Database Tuning High Availability (HA) Tuning Agent Tuning Store and Forward Processing Appendix: Performance Health Check Appendix: Analyzing a Support Bundle

Database Checks

The Foglight® database growth rate cannot be assessed in the early stages of an installation. To properly assess the Foglight growth rate, wait a couple of weeks and then measure the database growth rate (slope of the curve).

Possible Actions

Is There Too Much Data to Process?

It is possible for Foglight® to be performing fine, but still be overloaded. Foglight does have documented limits for the amount of load it can handle. If these limits are exceeded, Foglight will consume a lot of CPU on the Management Server system and on the database system, and have a slow browser interface (that is, it will exhibit the union set of all symptoms).

Data Volume is Healthy if ...

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