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Foglight for Sybase - Release Notes

Software requirements

The values below are minimum requirements for the given parameters:


sp_configure 'number of locks'


sp_configure 'number of open objects'


sp_configure 'number of open indexes'


sp_configure 'number of open partitions'


sp_configure 'permission cache entries'


Supported platforms

Foglight for SAP ASE supports to monitor the following platforms:

NOTE: Version allows remote monitoring, hence Supported Platforms are the same as the FglAM supported platform list. Refer to the Foglight System Requirements and Platform Support Guide for the supported platforms.

Product licensing

Foglight includes a licensing capability that restricts access to those features that are defined in the license. Any Management Server installation requires a license that grants access to server-specific parts of the browser interface and the features associated with them. Foglight cartridges are also license-protected. While some cartridges are covered by the base Foglight license (such as Foglight Agent Manager cartridges and the Foglight for Infrastructure), others may require an additional license.

Foglight for SAP ASE is covered by the base Foglight license that allows cartridges to be installed.

On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click Administration > Setup > Manage Licenses.
Click Install.
In the Install License dialog box, click Browse.
In the Install License dialog box, click Install License.

Getting started with Foglight for SAP ASE

The Foglight for SAP ASE release package contains the following:

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