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Foglight for Apache 5.9.1 - User Guide

Monitoring Apache web servers

Foglight for Apache enables you to quickly determine the status of each of your monitored Apache web servers by providing a visual overview of key access and traffic metrics. The Apache Web Server, also known as the Apache Httpd Server, is an open-source project hosted by the Apache Foundation. Through its server status (mod_status) and server information (mod_info) pages, the Apache web server provides a wealth of performance statistics, which Foglight for Apache displays in easy to use dashboards.

The Apache Web Server Monitoring dashboard provides summary views of all monitored web servers and individual web server views. These views help you quickly compare web server performance, determine worker utilization and traffic levels, and view any alarms that have occurred.

On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click Apache.

The Summary — All Apache Web Servers view provides charts and lists that identify the top three web servers for four key metrics (from left to right):

If any alarms have been generated on the web servers, a summary of the alarms appears in the Alarms table.

Use this view to determine if any web servers have experienced a recent, unexpected spike or drop in activity, or a dramatic change in worker availability.

Investigating worker utilization

The Summary — All Apache Web Servers view displays a comparison of the three servers that are experiencing the highest worker load in the Top 3 Worker Utilization chart. Use this view to compare web server worker performance and track trends over time. If you identify a server that is of particular interest, you can drill down for more information.

The Summary — <WebServerName> view displays.
On the Summary — WebServerName view, click Explore.
The Web Server Details view opens.
On the Performance tab:
Click the Web Sites tab.

Monitoring web server status with rules and alarms

Foglight for Apache includes several rules designed to generate alarms when key metrics enter certain threshold states. Combined with IntelliProfile baseline information, these rules help you to measure performance in degrees of deviation from the baseline.


For more information about IntelliProfile baselines and thresholds, see Explore the IntelliProfile dashboard in the Foglight Administration and Configuration Help.

For more information about managing rules in Foglight for Apache, see Configuring Rules and Metric Calculations to Discover Bottlenecks in the Foglight Administration and Configuration Help.

Finding quick answers with FAQts

You can access instant answers to questions relating to your web servers, such as during which time periods peak traffic occurs, or which web servers have the most traffic. These frequently asked questions appear on the FAQts tab, or alternatively in the FAQts mini-viewer, located in the bottom-left corner of the Apache Web Server Monitoring dashboard.

On the FAQts tab, click a question in the Questions column. The answer appears to the right.
TIP: For some of the questions, you can specify the number of results you want returned (for example, Top # Apache web servers with the highest requests per second).
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