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Foglight Automation - User and Reference Guide

Re-running Tasks

Stopping Tasks

Managing Remediation Mapping

Remediation Mapping helps users prevent system failures and ensures continuity of applications and services in the virtual environment. With Remediation Mapping, users can react to system alarms and warnings by running predefined workflows that eliminate the risk of system failure.

For example, consider the case where a virtual machine that is monitored by Foglight for Automation runs short of system resources (for example, disk space or RAM). An alarm appears in Foglight for Automation. Using Remediation Mapping, you can execute a workflow to release the resources required for normal operation of a virtual machine.

The Remediation management controls are located on the Remediation Mapping tab of the Automation window.

To set remediation mapping, you must first create a rule and assign workflows to it.

Adding Workflows to a Rule

After you have created a remediation rule, you can add workflows to it.

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