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Foglight Automation - User and Reference Guide

Task Management View

The Task Management tab lists all tasks registered in Automation. From this tab you can view and manage tasks.

The Task Management view helps you do the following:

For more information about task management, see Managing Tasks .

Workflow Management View

Workflow management views are located on the Workflow Management tab of the Automation dashboard.

The Workflow Management view provides the following information:

For more information about workflow management, see Managing Workflows .

Remediation Mapping View

The Remediation Mapping views are located on the Remediation Mapping tab of the Automation dashboard.

The Remediation Mapping view provides the following:

For more information, see Managing Remediation Mapping.


Managing Automation

This section provides an overview of how to design and manage workflows, tasks, and remediation mapping.

Using the toolbar on the Workflow Management tab of the Automation dashboard, you can perform the following operations:

You can create new workflows and modify the existing workflows in the Workflow Studio, which provides you with a visual environment.

The Workflow Studio contains the following views:

Actions: lists the actions included in the currently selected ActionPack.
Workspace: the area in which you build workflows.
Action Properties: displays the properties of the currently selected action or link. When no action or link is selected, this pane displays the Workflow Parameters instead.
Workflow Parameters: displays a list of workflow parameters when no action or link is selected in the workspace.
Description: displays the description of the currently selected action or link.

The Workflow Studio toolbar, located at the top of the Workspace view, contains buttons to control the workflows. Use it to save, run, create links, or delete workflows.

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