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erwin Evolve 2020.1.1 - User Guide

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Create an Automatic / Visualization Diagram

Create an Automatic / Visualization Diagram

Diagram Designer allows the automatic creation of diagrams in erwin EA / BP.

You will be able to:

          Enable a model

        Create a new layout / auto diagram

        Generate the diagram

Enabling a Model

Enabling a Model

The first time you launch Diagram Designer, you may not have any models enabled. You need to enable a model in order to use Diagram Designer.

To enable a model,

          1. Start Diagram Designer (You can find this in your Window's Start Menu)

          2. Once it has loaded, and you have logged in, click on the “Enable a Model Icon”

          3. Select the model you want to enable for Diagram Designer from the drop down.

          This operation take some time depending on your model’s size, when done your application will restart. When the application has restarted you may then choose           your model.

          4. Choose a Model by clicking on the "Model icon”  with the name of your model.

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Create a new Layout

Create a new Layout

Once your model is activated you are ready to add diagram layouts.

On first use, you will not have any diagram layouts created, so you need to create your first diagram layout.

To create a diagram layout, click on the “Add a Layout Icon”  a popup will appear asking you to fill the following information:



Layout Name

The name of your automatic diagram template (diagram layout). This name will help you to find your template layout

Diagram Template

The erwin EA/BP Desktop Modeler template which is used by the Diagram Designer to generate a diagram.

The elements in the Palette of the diagram template are used for the default size of the shapes. If the Object Type is not in the template palette, you will not be able to choose it in the creation of your diagram layout.

Output type

There are 2 options for the output type of your diagram :

Group one or more objects on a diagram

This option allows you to put all the selected primary objects on the same diagram. This option is used for heat map or big pictures diagrams.

Generate on diagram for each base object

This option allows you to create one diagram for each base object you will choose later. This option is used for spider or flow diagrams.

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