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Archive Manager 5.7 - Release Notes

Quest® Archive Manager 5.7

Quest® Archive Manager 5.7

About this release

Archive Manager is a complete email and messaging content archiving software solution that enables you to capture, retain, and use advanced search, discover and explore your email system. Through Archive Manager, a single instance of each email message is captured and granular retention and disposition policies are applied, ensuring efficient and effective email and message archiving.

Archive Manager 5.7 is a minor release, with new features and functionality. See New features and Enhancement requests.

New features

Enhanced Advanced Search: You can now search for messages that are NOT associated with one or more tags with the Not contains option in the Tags field, or messages that do NOT contain attachments of one or more specified file types.
Added support for tagging or untagging parent messages: When tagging or untagging one or more messages, you now have an option Include Parent Messages in the confirmation dialog to tag or untag their parent messages as well.
Added a new button Export in the message toolbar: This allows to export a message as MIME format.

Enhancement requests

The following is a list of enhancement requests addressed in this release.

Clean RPS logs generated in safe mode.


Export message as MIME format directly instead of using Search Exporter.


Set connection strings using Configuration Console when they are missing or invalid.


Timeout when sending, forwarding or replying a message containing linked images.


Add Email address to the login table for non mail-enabled users.


Exchange Utility can work without autodiscover override setting in basic authentication mode.


Exclude an attachment file type when using the Advanced Search.


Exclude a tag when using the Advanced Search.


Apply retention policy to a specific folder.


ADC can get email address from the property where email address is actually configured.


Remove tags from messages in the search result.


Add tags to a message’s parent messages.


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