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Foglight for Virtualization Implementation Architecture Service Offering

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  • Description

    This services offering consists of two (2) prepaid eight - hour days (“Day”) of architecture assessment. The objective is to assist customer in designing a sustainable Foglight for Virtualization infrastructure architecture.

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    Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition
  • Approach and Activities

    Architecture Assessment (Two Day - Remote)

    An Architect will conduct a Foglight for Virtualization Architecture Assessment Workshop. The Activities planned for this workshop include:

    • Reviewing of Customer’s implementation business objectives and a confirmation of the expected scope, projected timeline and key personnel
    • Defining a proposed architecture of Foglight for Virtualization for Customer’s environment
    • Defining security, availability and coverage aspects for Customer’s environment
    • Creating an implementation roadmap
    • Providing knowledge transfer to Customer’s personnel regarding the implementation architecture and the roadmap
    • Producing a Foglight for Virtualization Architecture Specification document as the Foglight for Virtualization implementation blueprint and standard for evaluation of ongoing implementation and use
    • An equivalent of one day will be used for meeting sessions and the remaining day will be used for documentation


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