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RemoteScan Support FAQ

Quest is delighted to include RemoteScan as part of our family of products and answer some of your most frequently asked questions regarding technical support.

How can I contact Technical Support Team? 
For new issues, you may submit a service request (ticket) to the Technical Support team via the 
Submit Service Request page. 

If you have a Severity 1 Critical business impact issue, please call Customer Service for service request creation. 

If you do not have a Support Portal login you may contact Customer Service and select “Register for Support” or you may call Customer Service at the number listed here. 

My RemoteScan licenses were purchased through a Reseller – whom do I contact for support?
If you purchased your RemoteScan licenses through NextGen, contact Technical Support


What should I check before logging a service request? 
 to creating a Service Request, you may want to review these helpful tips 

How is the service request handling process? 
The Support Guide explains the service request process under the 
Managing Service Request | Service Request and is detailed below. 

We assign a unique service request number (in the format of "SR Number”) to all requests. These service request numbers allow us to prioritize and track all service requests through resolution and allow you to get a status update of your service request via our support portal.   
All service requests are assigned a severity level and are placed in a queue to be processed by the next available Support Engineer. A Support Engineer takes ownership of your service request and sees it through to successful resolution.   

The Support Engineer will contact you, gather any additional information needed, and will investigate to determine the proper course of action. This may require the engineer to re-create the issue, work with our development team, and help you with configuration of the software.   

If the Support Engineer and development team determine that the issue is a product defect, a defect ID and priority level will be assigned to the issue. If the defect is a high priority and a hotfix is planned, the Support Engineer will notify you of its availability. 

Service Requests remain open until you are satisfied that the issue has been resolved. Exceptions to this policy apply to Service Requests for product enhancements and change requests. You will be notified automatically when changes have been implemented. You can also close service requests via the My Service Request section.  
You can re-open Service Requests (for unresolved or ongoing technical issues) that have been closed within 30 days of the close date. If you attempt to re-open a closed service request after 30 days, a new service request is created with a link to the original Service Request. You have the ability to re-open your closed service request from the My Service Request section of the Support Portal.   

Our goal is to resolve all Service Requests in a satisfactory and timely manner; however, we realize that some situations may require increased attention and focus within the Support team. You can raise the severity of a Service Request, through the online Service Request tool, or call us and request to speak with a Support Manager.   
Upon your request, the Support Manager will evaluate the service request and create an action plan. If you are not satisfied with the plan or with the progress of the case after the plan has been implemented, you may contact the Director of Technical Support, who will review the service request with the Support Manager and determine if different or additional actions are required. 


Will the SLAs change? If yes, how? 

More information on Service Request Severity Levels (SLA) and Response Times is listed here

Where can I upload large files? 
On the Support Portal files up to 1 GB may be uploaded to the Service Request. During Service Request creation, click on the “Attachments + Add File” link.  To add files after Service Request creation, go to My Service Requests and click on the Service Request hyperlink title. The Service Request opens and then click on the “Attachments + Add File” link.

How can I submit a feature request?
If you are interested in submitting product enhancement requests, you can do so by creating a service request. Once documented, the request will be submitted into the enhancement review system and an identification number will be provided to you. Your service request will remain open until a decision has been made regarding your request or your service request can be closed, and you can refer to product release notes to track which enhancements have been added to a product.

Where can I find the Knowledge Base and articles?
On the Support Portal home page click the Knowledge Base icon or follow this link and enter the product name.

Where can I download my products?
RemoteScan downloads are currently located here.

Will the product Version policy (Software Product Support Lifecycle Policy) change? 
The Product Life Cycle & Policies are located on the 
Product Support page under the Product Life Cycle & Policies tab.

How can I report a security vulnerability? 
You can submit a product vulnerability on the Support Portal report vulnerability page located here

What is the Support Guide and where can I find it?
The support guide provides an overview of support policies & services. You can find the support guide 

I used to email for ticket creation whom do I email now?
To ensure an exceptional support experience, our process does not support email creation to  Instead, please use the following resources:

For Service Request creation or management review the Service Request information section of the FAQ.


For license assistance 

Please contact our License Administration team by visiting 


For sales inquiries 

Visit us at 


For Support Maintenance inquires 

Visit us at 


For general inquiries or non-technical questions 

Please contact our Customer Service team at