Reference Materials for Migration 8.14 - Public Folder Synchronization (MAgE)

About This Document

This document help you perform public folders synchronization by enhanced Migration Agent for Exchange (MAgE) combined with extended MMEx PowerShell module instead of legacy agents in migration scenarios from Microsoft Exchange 2010/2013/2016 to Microsoft Office 365.

NOTE:Currently, only one-way Public Folder synchronization is supported.

Before You Begin

Before you begin migration to Microsoft Office 365, you need to provision user accounts in it. For that, use the Migration Manager for Active Directory (Office 365) console. The information about user matching is stored in the corresponding migration project database. It is important that you use the same migration project in the Migration Manager for Exchange console when you configure public folder synchronization.

This document introduces a toolkit of Windows PowerShell cmdlets to support public folder synchronization for supported configurations.

Supported Configurations

This document is intended to the following migration scenarios supported by MAgE:

  • Migration from Microsoft Exchange 2010 to Office 365
  • Migration from Microsoft Exchange 2013 to Office 365
  • Migration from Microsoft Exchange 2016 to Office 365

System Requirements

Refer to System Requirements and Access rights document for the Migration Agent for Exchange (MAgE) requirements.

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