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Quest Knowledge Portal 2.11 - Install Guide

Reporting Services Security Model

Knowledge Portal is based on the Reporting Services and uses its security model to allow authorized users work with exactly the reports they need.

SQL Server Reporting Services implements a flexible, role-based security model to protect reports and reporting resources. To provide an account with access rights to a report or folder, you can assign it an SSRS role.

Note: Custom roles (like 'QKP - Traverse Folders') can be created and automatically included into roles list in Report Manager only in SSRS 2005. To work with custom roles in SSRS 2008, follow the instructions provided in the How to: Create, Delete, or Modify a Role (Management Studio) MSDN article.

The following predefined roles are available:

Role Description

Use to view folders, reports, and to subscribe to reports.

Content Manager

Use to manage all aspects of content, including creating folders, reports, and data sources.

My Reports

Use to publish reports, create folders, and manage resources in the My Reports folder.

QKP—Traverse Folders Allows users to access child folders using their full path in the folder hierarchy but prevents these users from viewing parent folders contents.

Use to publish reports.

Report Builder

Use to view report definitions (RDL).

To learn more about role-based security in SSRS, refer to the Granting Permissions on a Native Mode Report Server article.

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