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Quadrotech Archive Shuttle 10.7 - Integration Guide

Enter connectivity information

To enter the connection information navigate to Configuration, then Integration in the user interface.

On this screen you should add the Core Server Name, and ensure the Source Type is selected appropriately. When enter correctly, click on Save to commit your changes. The Core Server name will similar to this:

Building a workflow

The final step to perform on this screen is to build a workflow which will be used to migrate the archived data to your mailboxes (or secondary mailboxes). Building a workflow is described here.

Managing archive migration

In the user interface the Stage 3: Integration page can be used to monitor the progress of mappings through Stage 3, which is the legacy archive migration part of the migration. This page shows useful information about the migration, and allows for some actions to be performed. They are described below:

Stage 1

The Stage 1 page in the user interface shows synchronization progress for groups and for mappings. It shows information about them, and allows actions to be performed on them, as described below:



Group Name

The name of the group


The primary SMTP address of the mailbox / user

WF Step Status

The status of the step that the mapping is currently on

WF Step Name

The name of the step.


Any informational messages about the mapping will be displayed here

WF Scripts Execution

An indicator to show whether a workflow script is going to be executed. A green dot indicates that it will be executed, a red dot shows it won’t be executed.






This button allows you to queue a command to retry the migration

Refresh / Columns / Reset

These buttons are used to refresh the grid containing the list of mappings, select any additional data columns which might be available, or to reset the grid back to the default display.

Integration status report

This page in the user interface shows the progress of the legacy archive migration. It contains key information relating to item level counts from the source legacy-archive, and the target environment.

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