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Release Notes

Quest® Quest On Demand Global Settings

Release Notes


These release notes provide information about the Quest On Demand Global Settings release.


About Quest On Demand

Quest On Demand is a cloud based management platform, providing access to multiple Quest Software Microsoft management tools through a single interface. Cloud based is a term that refers to applications, services or resources made available to users on demand via the Internet. Quest On Demand Global Settings is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application where application software is hosted in the cloud and made available to users through quest-on-demand.com.

The Quest On Demand management platform is based on the concepts of organizations, task based modules and Azure AD tenants. When you sign up for the Quest On Demand service, you create an organization. The organization can subscribe to task based modules. Organization administrators can use the tools provided by the modules to perform administrative actions on Azure AD tenants.

Release history

Release history

Current Release


ID Enhancement


You can now configure notifications on the new Settings > Notifications page.

A notification is an email sent to one or more recipients following an event. For example, after a backup failure event, specified recipients receive a notification email.


Module release notes

Previous releases

Previous releases

Previous releases


ID Enhancement


On premises agents can now be installed through the new Settings > Agents page.

  The Group Management module is now available in the Europe Azure region.


ID Enhancement


User management is now performed using the Access Control feature. The Permissions page has been removed.

With access control, when you add a user to an organization, you also assign a role. The role determines what permission level a user has and ultimately, what tasks the user can perform.


ID Enhancement


To avoid confusion with the Audit module, the audit log feature Settings > Audit has been renamed Settings > Activity Trail.


ID Enhancement


The masthead drop down menu now includes the Account Settings option. The Account Settings page contains user cofiguration settings.

Currently, you can enable or disable the session monitoring cookie.


ID Enhancement


The dashboard Needs Your Attention tile now displays the subscription status for modules and features.


The dashboard now includes the Policy Management modules.


ID Enhancement


The Quest On Demand home page has been replaced by a dashboard that displays a summary of all Quest On Demand services.

Note that by default, existing customers continue to see the original home page until further notice.

When the dashboard is enabled, it provides a detailed summary of your Azure AD environment based on your current Quest On Demand subscriptions. The side navigation panel includes links to all the current modules.


A new Welcome page for sign in and sign up includes a Guest User option.

The quest-on-demand.com address now opens a Welcome to Quest On Demand page that replaces the previous Sign in and Sign up links. In addition, you can sign in to Quest On Demand as a guest user. As a guest user, you can explore the full value of Quest On Demand and its services without needing a trial account or a subscription. The guest user feature includes the new dashboard.


ID Enhancement


The Global Settings audit log now includes information on licenses. In addition to tenant add and remove events, the log now contains details on license consumption events.


ID Enhancement


You can now download an audit log for the Recovery module that contains a record of all enable and disable backup events.

ID Resolved Issues


Resolved an issue where the text in the Register for Tech Preview email is unclear on the information required to register.



ID Enhancement


You can now contact Quest technical support to request the restore of a tenant that has been removed.

6533 You can now contact Quest technical support to request the deletion of an organization.


ID Enhancement


On Demand now supports the Canada Central Azure region.

A Microsoft Azure region is a set of datacenters deployed within a geographic area. Selecting the correct region for your On Demand organization enables you to achieve higher performance and supports your requirements and preferences regarding data location.

For more information on regions and organizations, see Managing Organizations and Regions in the Global Settings User Guide.


ID Enhancements


Improved data handling for expired subscriptions.

A staged approach to handling data once a subscription has expired has been implemented. The final stage of the process is the complete deletion of all the customer data associated with a subscription.

For a description of the process, see Subscriptions.


ID Enhancements


Display of icons has been improved for the Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer browsers.

ID Resolved Issues


Resolved an issue on the On Demand home page where the Register For The Technical Preview button was not working correctly.


Enhancements ID

The Ireland region has been renamed in Quest On Demand to Europe.

Any stored customer data continues to reside in the Ireland Microsoft datacenter. Some On Demand functions are now executed in the UK datacenter.



Resolved Issues ID

Resolved an issue where add blocker software in the browser blocks access to On Demand.




Resolved issues
Issue ID

Resolved an issue on the organization management pages (create / select / delete organization) where the in progress indicator is not displayed when an action is still in progress.




Resolved issues
Issue ID

Resolved an issue where users can no longer log into Quest On Demand under the following conditions:

  • They have a single organization in the Ireland region
  • They have no organizations and they create a new organization in the Ireland region


Enhancement ID

On the Tenants page, Azure AD B2C tenants are now identified by the following icon next to the tenant name: 

Resolved issues
Issue ID
Resolved an issue in the Policy Management module where the Target Users and Groups field is not populated when using Japanese characters. 5267


Resolved issues
Issue ID
Resolved an issue where an unavailable region causes the application to hang. 5228
Email addresses entered on the Permissions page are not validated. 5064
If an administrator removes their address from a module on the Permissions page, the applications hangs. 5034


Resolved issues
Issue ID
Fixed multiple help links returning Page Not Found error. 5186
Resolved an issue where the region name is not displayed after changing the organization name. 5167
Resolved an issue where the On Demand application hangs after a user signs out. 5089
Resolved an issue on the Settings > Permissions page where the On Demand Organization page opens after adding an admin user to a module. 5081
Resolved an issue on the Settings > Permissions page where after adding an admin user, you cannot switch to the Audit Logs or Subscriptions tabs. 5076


Resolved issues
Issue ID
Resolved an issue where on the Manage Organization page, the Deployment Region field is empty after the organization name is changed. 5167


Resolved issues
Issue ID
Resolved an issue where the On Demand screen hangs after signing out. 5089

Resolved issues with adding administrator accounts on the Settings > Permissions page.




Enhancement ID

Users can now enable or disable the collection of user analytics.



Resolved issues
Issue ID

On the Multiple Organizations Found page, if regions are unavailable, the user is now informed that organizations in unavailable regions are also not available.



Enhancement ID

The Quest On Demand user interface has been updated with tool tips to improve usability.2019/08/01



Resolved issues
Issue ID

Resolved an issues with email address case sensitivity. Email addresses used to sign up with Quest On Demand are not case sensitive.



Enhancement ID

You can now change the name of an organization. In the On Demand menu bar, click on your email address and select Organization Name. On the Organization Management page, enter a new name for the organization.

The Organization Management page also displays the Organization Id.



Enhancement ID

You can now specify start and end dates for the audit log download.



Enhancement ID

Additional tools for managing organizations have been added. To access the organization management tools, go to the top right of the Quest On Demand page and click on your email address. The menu displays the current:

  • Region Name
  • Organization Name

You can select Create New Organization to open a new page and create an organization.

If there are multiple organizations associated with your email address, you can select Switch Organizations to load a different organization into Quest On Demand.




Enhancement ID
The left hand navigation panel has been updated to use standard EDC icons. 4316
Resolved issues
Issue ID
Added a confirmation prompt for when a user removes themselves from an organization. You are now warned that you will lose access to the organization. 3913


Enhancement ID
The admin consent status page now supports modules that use a refresh token. When the token expires, the admin consent status is Regrant Consent. 3581
Resolved issues
Issue ID
Fixed the Visit Product Page buttons on the Subscription page. Clicking a button now opens the subscription page at https://www.quest.com/on-demand. 4253


Enhancement ID
Support for paid, trial, and demo subscriptions. Users can now subscribe to On Demand. 1408
Resolved issues
Issue ID
Fixed presentation of web page for organization and region selection. 3929
The list of On Demand organization administrators cannot be empty. Each organization must have one On Demand administrator. 3878


Enhancement ID

Initial support for multiple organizations. Users can now belong to multiple organizations.

  • During sign in, a user that belongs to multiple organizations is prompted to select an organization.
  • The organization name is now configurable as part of the On Demand sign up process.

The Base admin consent permissions have been adjusted to require only the minimum necessary permisions.



Enhancement ID

Support for role based access control (RBAC).

You can now add administrative users to an On Demand organization. User can be added as On Demand Global administrators with access to all functions or Module administrators with access limited to specific modules. To add users, select Settings > Permissions.


Support for geographic region selection.

During sign up, you can choose the region where your On Demand data will be hosted.



Enhancement ID

Support for granting of admin consent per module.

When a tenant is added, the minimum admin consent permissions are granted. If a module requires additional permissions, admin consent must be granted through the Admin Consent Status page. On the tenant tile, status icons indicate the current admin consent state.


Incident response management

Incident response management

Quest Operations and Quest Support have procedures in place to monitor the health of the system and ensure any degradation of the service is promptly identified and resolved. On Demand relies on Azure and AWS infrastructure and as such, is subject to the possible disruption of these services.You can view the following status pages:

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