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Metalogix Email Migrator 4.7.1 - Release Notes

Metalogix® Email Migrator 4.7

Release Notes

October 2018

These release notes provide information about the Metalogix®Email Migrator release.

·New Feature

·Resolved Issues


New Features

This version of Metalogix Email Migrator introduces the following features:

·Distributed Migration with PowerShell

One of the recommendations to obtain higher throughput of migration is configuring multiple Email Migrator consoles on multiple machines to execute migrations in a concurrent manner. The new distributed Migration feature helps to alleviate the manual efforts necessary to configure and manage multiple installs of Email Migrator and perform multiple migrations. This feature allows a user to identify a base machine (controller) that remotely and silently install Email Migrator on a set of other machines (agents) that are all linked together in the backend. All jobs built on the Controller will be queued up and distributed out to the Agents as they become available.
Distributed PowerShell Migrations has been tested and is supported.

·Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016 Support

SQL 2016 has been tested with Email Migrator 4.7.1 compatibility. Windows Server 2016 has been tested and is supported.

Resolved Issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.


Work Item

Case No.

Startup crash if agent database is not available



Distributed migration - unable to add agent



Automated migrations:  Run Jobs Remotely does not work



EmailMigrator.exe cannot be started



The product remains after uninstalling the product



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