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MessageStats 7.5.1 - Report Pack for Exchange ActiveSync User Guide

Specifying an Alternate Location for IIS Log Files

In some situations, you may have custom-configured the location of the IIS log files on your Exchange IIS servers. You can use the IIS Log Folders property tab to indicate any alternate locations for the IIS log files.

Expand the Exchange Organizations node, expand the Exchange organization you want, and select Servers.
Select the IIS Log Folders tab.
Click Add to add an IIS Log Folder.
Click Apply, then click OK.

Installing the Report Pack

Steps for Installation and Configuration

Before you can create gathering tasks and view reports containing ActiveSync data, you must configure your Exchange ActiveSync servers, and install and configure the report pack. As part of the installation and configuration process, you perform the following steps in the following order:

System Requirements

Before you install the report pack, you must have installed the MessageStats core product. For information about the MessageStats hardware requirements, see the MessageStats Quick Start Guide:

You install the report pack components on servers on which the core MessageStats components are already installed. You must meet the software requirements for MessageStats. See the MessageStats Release Notes for the software requirements for the different MessageStats components.

The following table contains any additional software requirements for the report pack.

Task Execution Server
(where the report pack task processors are installed)

To gather from Exchange 2010 or later, you must install Microsoft PowerShell 2.0.

Additional Software

Exchange Environment

At least one server running Exchange server (Exchange 2010, 2013, or 2016) that has the ActiveSync role installed.

You must install the IIS Management Scripts and Tools on the Exchange server. The IIS Management Scripts and Tools are required to allow the report pack to gather the IIS log files from IIS 7 and later.

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