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MessageStats 7.5.1 - Report Pack for Exchange ActiveSync User Guide

Custom Installations

In some large enterprises, the SQL database and web servers might be managed by a central resource. To install MessageStats in these environments, you can distribute the components onto appropriate machines using the custom installation option.

To install the Report Pack for Exchange ActiveSync onto an existing distributed MessageStats environment, select Custom as the type of installation and install according to the following table.

MMC Client Console

Report Pack MMC Client Console

Adds the Exchange ActiveSync console components to the existing MessageStats MMC client console.

Scheduler Service



Task Processors

Exchange ActiveSync Task Processors

Adds the Exchange ActiveSync task processors to the existing MessageStats Task Execution Server.


Exchange ActiveSync Database

Extends the existing MessageStats database schema in order to store ActiveSync and Exchange ActiveSync statistics.


Exchange ActiveSync Reports

Adds the Exchange ActiveSync node and reports to the existing MessageStats Reports web site.

Configuring the Report Pack

Assigning the ActiveSync Server Role

You assign the ActiveSync server role to identify the ActiveSync servers for the server reports, such as the Exchange ActiveSync Server Uptime report or the Exchange ActiveSync Server Activity report.

In the MessageStats console treeview, expand the Exchange Organizations node and select an organization.
Expand the Servers node and right-click an Exchange ActiveSync server in the treeview
Select Properties.
Select the Server Roles tab and click Add.
Select ActiveSync from the list and click OK.
Select the Server Roles tab.
Select ActiveSync from the list and click Remove.

Configuring Exchange ActiveSync Privacy Settings

Before you create gathering tasks to collect information from ActiveSync servers, you must configure the Exchange ActiveSync privacy settings.

The Exchange ActiveSync Privacy property tab is used to determine whether MessageStats will include the user private phone numbers when gathering information for the mobile user devices.

The user private phone numbers can be displayed in the Devices reports. By default, the user private phone numbers are not gathered.

Select the Exchange ActiveSync Privacy tab.
To gather phone numbers for all users, click Private information will be gathered for all users and click OK.
To exclude specific users from the gathering, click Private information will be gathered for all except the following users and select the users.
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