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MessageStats 7.5.1 - Report Pack for Archive Manager User Guide

About the Report Pack for Archive Manager

About the Report Pack for Archive Manager

Quest Archive Manager is an email archival solution that captures, indexes, and stores messaging data. It is designed to help you control message data volumes, reduce the costs associated with storage management, and quickly produce evidence for compliance purposes.

Quest MessageStats is a data collection and reporting application that gathers and analyzes statistics for large Microsoft Exchange enterprises. MessageStats collects and processes Microsoft Exchange tracking logs and Exchange object usage information from Exchange servers, routing groups, and user-defined regions. It stores the information in a database, which provides content for web-based reports.

The MessageStats Report Pack for Archive Manager expands the core capabilities of MessageStats to include relevant statistics for assessing the current Exchange environment for email archiving and analyzing additional content management information from the Archive Manager database.


Report Pack Components

The MessageStats Report Pack for Archive Manager is comprised of the following components:

Deploying the Report Pack

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