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MessageStats 7.5.1 - Administrator Guide

What is MessageStats? MessageStats Information Sources Creating a Connection to Exchange Using the Console Interface Creating Gathering Tasks Default Gatherings Extending Gathering Tasks Configuring Audits Setting Configuration Properties Setting MessageStats Server Properties Setting Exchange Organization Properties Setting Exchange Server Properties Setting Task Execution Server Properties Setting Task Default Properties Compressing Tracking Log Files Using the MessageStats Reports Console Database Management Appendix A:Microsoft ASP.NET Configuration Issues Appendix B: Gathering Task Dependencies Appendix C:Troubleshooting Permission Problems

Specifying Reports IIS Settings

The Reports tab contains the location of the MessageStats Reports IIS server that you specified when you installed MessageStats. You can use the tab if you need to modify the reports server settings.


MessageStats Reports IIS Server

Shows the IIS server used for MessageStats Reports. If you performed a complete installation, the MessageStats Reports IIS server is the local host. If the MessageStats Reports component is installed on another server, you must supply a valid DNS name (such as a NetBIOS name or a fully qualified domain name).

Port Number

Used to change port number that is used to connect to the MessageStats Report IIS server.


Used if you want MessageStats Reports to support secure pages.

Updating Security Credentials for the Scheduler Service

When you install MessageStats, the account that you specify during installation is used, by default, to run the MessageStats Scheduler Service. This is the MessageStats service account.

At a later date, you might need to update the service account. For example, the account might be invalid because it does not exist or is disabled, or the password might have been changed. Or you might wish to run the scheduler service under a different account than the account that was used to install the product.

If the password for the service account has been changed, you might see an error message “Unable to Connect to MessageStats Service”. In this case, you could use this property tab to update the password.

When you modify the security credentials for the MessageStats Scheduler Service, the changes are made in two places:


Displays the existing account set as the MessageStats Scheduler Service account.


Enter the password for the service account.

Confirm Password

Re-enter the password to confirm it.

After you have changed the credentials, the console must be closed and opened again for the change to be implemented.

Setting Exchange Organization Properties

Introducing Exchange Organization Properties

For MessageStats to perform optimally for your implementation, ensure that the values in the following properties dialog boxes are accurate:

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