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KACE Privilege Manager for Windows 4.4 - Release Notes

System Requirements

Before installing Privilege Manager for Windows 4.4, refer to the Privilege Manager Quick Start Guide to ensure that your system meets the following minimum hardware and software requirements.

  • Console software and hardware system requirements

  • Console and Client operating system requirements

  • Network requirements

  • Required permissions

  • Reporting database requirements

Product Licensing

Refer to the Privilege Manager Administrator Guide for information on editions and applying a license.

Each Privilege Manager license file is compatible with only a single major version of the product (eg. 3.x or 4.x) . This means existing 3.x licenses will not be valid after upgrading to a 4.x build. Therefore, existing customers are required to obtain a new license file via the License Assistance portal ( in order to be properly registered after upgrade.

NOTE: Privilege Manager does not phone home for product licensing.

Product improvement program

To assist in the development of new features, as well as drive future improvements, we have implemented a Product Improvement Program. Feedback from this program provides Product Management with valuable insight into how our products are being used. This information is essential to help the R&D team prioritize existing enhancement requests within the roadmap of the each product. Participation is voluntary, and no personal contact information is ever collected.

Please see the Administrator Guide for more information on the Product Improvement Program, including how to enable\disable the collection of data at any time.

Upgrade and Installation Instructions

Refer to the Privilege Manager Administrator Guide for upgrade information and the Privilege Manager Quick Start Guide for information on installing the Console, configuring the Server, and installing the Client.

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