About subscriptions and licensing

Subscription and licensing information is managed from the Settings page in KACE® Cloud. It includes information on paid and trial subscriptions, licenses, start and end dates, available licenses, and more.

Co-Managed licenses

The KACE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) License is a subscription type that allows the use of both KACE SMA and KACE Cloud under one license. The product provides license reconciliation to avoid double counting co-managed nodes for Windows and macOS devices and enables your KACE SMA to correctly interpret inventory imported from KACE Cloud. For additional information, contact KACE Cloud Sales.

Paid subscriptions

To discuss paid subscriptions and customized solutions, contact KACE Cloud Sales.

Free trials

If you're running a trial subscription, you will have access to manually renew for an additional 30 days.

To renew your 30-day free trial in KACE Cloud:

  1. Go to Settings in top navigation.
  2. Under Subscriptions/Licensing, locate the expired license.
  3. Click the Renew button.

Learn more about free trials.