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Binary Tree Power365 Current - SID History Synchronization Quick Start Guide


Power365 Directory Sync supports users, groups and contact synchronization between environments. The following describes the supported environments and deployment models. 

  • Local to Local – Covered in this guide. Support synchronization between two local Active Directory environments.  

  • Cloud to Cloud – Support synchronization between two Microsoft 365 tenant environments.

  • Local to Cloud – Support synchronization between an Active Directory and a Microsoft 365 tenant environment when source is Active Directory and target is Microsoft 365 tenant.

  • Cloud to Local – Support synchronization between a Microsoft 365 tenant and an Active Directory environment when source is Microsoft 365 tenant and target is Active Directory.


The goal of this guide is to provide a step-by-step walk through of how-to setup Users, Groups and Contacts Synchronization for between your On-Premises Active Directory environments.   

To set up Power365 Directory Sync for Users, Groups and Contacts Synchronization, source objects must be either matched to existing objects or created as new objects in the target environment.  To accomplish this, four (4) configurations must be completed prior to the first synchronization.  

  1. Set up Environments  

  2. Set up Local Agents 

  3. Set up Templates 

  4. Set up Workflows 

The next section will provide the list of requirements needed to successfully Synchronization Users, Groups and Contacts between two Active Directory environments. 


In order to facilitate synchronization of Users, Groups and Contacts, the following is a list of minimum requirements to get set up using Power365 Directory Sync with your On-Premises Active Directory.  

Account Permissions

  • One (1) Local Administrator Account for each Microsoft Forest and/or Domain that has permissions to create, update or delete depending on the scope of your Directory Sync workflows.

The next section will provide a step-by-step guide on how to set up Users, Groups and Contacts Synchronization for Active Directory environments.

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