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Binary Tree Migrator Express for Exchange 20.10 - Known Limitations

Known Limitations

  • If SMART Directory Sync is used to sync mail-enabled objects, including mailboxes, contacts, and distribution lists, to the target Exchange Org, the migrated mail reply function will not be able to translate these objects back to the source Exchange Org Raw SMTP address as Exchange will translate these objects into the target Exchange Org Objects. Therefore, when replying to messages, all the mail will be routed to the target instead of the source. (2772)

  • If a conversation is set as ignored in Outlook in the source mailbox, this setting will not be migrated. The conversation will not be set as ignored in the target after migration. (2778)

  • Migrator Express for Exchange does not migrate the following:

    • Safe Sender Lists created in the OWA to the target mailbox (2781)

    • Junk Email Lists stored in the OWA during migration to the target mailbox (2782)

    • Any Email Signatures stored in either OWA or the Outlook Client (2784)

    • Rules with Reply Template enabled (2785)

    • The IPM.Recall.Report and IPM.Outlook.Recall message classes. These messages appear when a user attempts to recall a message they have sent. (2786)

    • The IPM.Post message class. These messages appear when a user creates a post. (2787)

    • Out Of Office with Rules and Reply Template Enabled (2788)

    • Journal entries (2790)

    • Meeting tracking status (22934)

  • In Migrator Express for Exchange, for migration jobs with Failed Status and 100% completion for migration Progress, the Migration Log should be reviewed for additional detail on the migration errors observed during the job. (2783)

  • If a new default Calendar is set in the source mailbox, this setting will not be migrated to the target mailbox. (2795)

  • Migrator Express for Exchange migrates folder permissions, but does not migrate mailbox permissions. While permissions to individual folders will be set to match those of the legacy environment, mailbox permissions will need to be set by other means. (13262)

  • If an item is moved to a different folder in the source mailbox after the initial migration, a second-pass migration will result in two copies of that item in the target mailbox - corresponding to the old and new folder locations of the item from the source. (13264)

  • If a Contact item is modified in the source mailbox after the initial migration, a second-pass migration will not migrate the modified item again so the modification will not be available in the target. (13264)

  • Migrator Express for Exchange does not currently allow licenses from more than one product to be active at a time. For customers requiring the use of Migrator Pro for Exchange and Migrator Express for Exchange pointing to the same SQL database, please contact support for a new license key that includes both products. This will be resolved in a future release. (13265)

  • In Migrator Express for Exchange, if the Migrator Express for Exchange Help is launched from either the Start shortcut, or a desktop shortcut, you may receive an ActiveX error message if Internet Explorer is the default browser. To prevent this error message from being displayed, enable "Allow active content to run in files on My Computer" in Internet Explorer's Advanced Internet Options. (13266)

  • If a migrated message contains an attached message, users cannot reply to the attached message. (14533)

  • If a local mail profile being cutover is associated with multiple mailboxes, only the default mailbox will be converted to connect to the target during the cutover process. Any additional mailboxes should be added to the account manually after cutover. (14883)

  • The cached mode setting on Outlook profiles will not be preserved by the cutover process. The target profile can be manually set into cached mode after the cutover is complete. (16332)




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