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Binary Tree Directory Sync Pro for Notes 20.12 - Release Notes

Binary Tree Directory Sync Pro for Notes 20.12 Release Notes

Binary Tree® Directory Sync Pro for Notes 20.12

Release Notes

December 2021

These release notes provide information about the Binary Tree Directory Sync Pro for Notes 20.12 release.


About this release

Binary Tree Directory Sync Pro for Notes sets up and maintains a sync between Active Directory and Domino Directory.

Directory Sync Pro for Notes 20.12 is a minor release, with enhancements and resolved issues.


The following is a list of enhancements implemented in Directory Sync for Notes 20.12.

Table 1. General enhancements


Issue ID

A configuration option can be added to the BinaryTree.DirSync.Exchange.exe.config fileto to remove Mail-enabled properties AD target when Person Record is deleted.


A configuration option to skip the Group Matching values process has been added. This process is enabled by default and can be disabled using the config file option skipFixForGroupMatchingValues.


An enhancement to always set the Domino GroupType value to ‘0’ for multipurpose (instead of ‘1’ for mail-only) when syncing from Active Directory to Domino has been implemented.


The SQL DB recovery model is now set to Simple for new deployments when the option to install SQL Express locally is used.


An Event Log error will now be written to the Console server when a sync profile is prevented from completing due to licenses being unavailable.


.NET 4.8 is now required.


The license process has been updated. This change will use a new license file and format provided by Quest. This will not impact existing licenses for product upgrades.


Connections to Active Directory have been updated to include an option to use LDAPS.


SQL Server 2019 is now supported.


Resolved issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.

Table 2. General resolved issues

Resolved Issue

Issue ID

An issue causing errors to be reported during the synchronization of group memberships from Domino to Active Directory when a group contains an SMTP external address that is longer than 100 characters has been resolved. The issue was fixed by replacing the SMTP address with its hash for some fields in Active Directory which are limited to 64 characters.


Updated AlwaysStampLastSyncTime functionality, when enabled, to handle a Notes API error that prevented the LastPushTime from being stamped for a sync profile.


An issue causing users to be re-added to Groups after previously being deleted during successive syncs to Active Directory has been resolved.


Added a logging enhancement to prevent the NSFNoteClose error from overwriting a previous error.


An issue where AD Contacts were not promoted to mail-enabled users in the OU when the PROMOTE CONTACTS TO MAIL-ENABLED USERS option is enabled has been resolved.


An issue where Group overrides did work when placing synced Domino objects in Active Directory OUs using overrides has been resolved.


An issue where the UseLdapS config setting used port 638 instead of the correct port 636 has been resolved.


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