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Archive Manager 5.9.4 - RESTful API Service Guide

Common rules Advanced searches Alert service global setting Alert service policies Alert service queries Attachments Authentication (login) Configurations Contacts Delegations Exported searches Folders Groups Logins Login domains Mailboxes Mailstores Messages
.../v1/messages/schema.{format} .../v1/messages.{format} .../v1/messages/{messageId}.{format} .../v1/messages/{messageId}/html.{format} .../v1/messages/{messageId}/plaintext.{format} .../v1/messages/{messageId}/raw.{format} .../v1/messages/{messageId}/rtf.{format} .../v1/messages/{checksum}/bodyhtml .../v1/messages/{checksum}/eml .../v1/messages/{checksum}/sendmail.{format} .../v1/messages/{checksum}/web.{format} .../v1/messages/searchresults/schema.{format} .../v1/messages/rtfImage/{fileName} .../v1/messages/web/schema.{format} .../v1/messages/web.{format} .../v1/messages/{checksumOrId}/accesshistories.{format} .../v1/messages/{checksumOrId}/availabletags.{format} .../v1/messages/{checksumOrId}/comments.{format} .../v1/messages/{checksumOrId}/journalreports.{format} .../v1/messages/{checksumOrId}/tags.{format} .../v1/messages/{checksumOrId}/tags/{tagId}.{format}
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Common rules

POST - http://<archivemanager>/API/v1/logins.xml
PUT - http://<archivemanager>/API/v1/logins/15.xml
OK – http://<archivemanager>/API/v1/logins/1/mailboxes
BAD – http://<archivemanager>/API/v1/logins/1/mailboxes/2/messages
OK – http://<archivemanager>/API/v1/mailboxes/2/messages
limit: specifies the maximum number of entries to display on a single page. If not specified, the setting WWW Page Size (default value: 20) in Configuration Console will be applied.To display all the entries on a single page, set limit to 0.
Data objects can be filtered if the API supports for the parameter fields. Use commas to separate multiple field properties.
When creating a new mailbox, if no OwnerLoginId is provided, the currently logged in user's LoginId is used. If an OwnerLoginId is provided, the newly-created mailbox is owned by that user. If the mailbox is created using a login's Mailboxes sub-collection, access to the mailbox is delegated to the login specified.
X-ApplicationId: ApiTestApplication
X-Result-TotalRows: Returns the number of the collections retrieved. The value will not be affected when the pagination parameter top is specified.
X-QueryId: Returns the current query ID for you to perform the same query with it if needed.
API access can be over HTTP or HTTPS, using the URL prefix: http://<archivemanager>/API or https://<archivemanager>/API.
The <archivemanager> specifies the domain name or IP address of the server where the REST service endpoint is hosted.
The reference documentation for each API call shows the REST resource, method, and parameters that must be appended to the base URL to form a request. The following is an example of a well-formed REST URL:

Advanced searches



Supported HTTP method


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