Archive Manager 5.6 - Release Notes

Quest® Archive Manager 5.6

Quest® Archive Manager 5.6

About this release

Archive Manager is a complete email and messaging content archiving software solution that enables you to capture, retain, and use advanced search, discover and explore your email system. Through Archive Manager, a single instance of each email message is captured and granular retention and disposition policies are applied, ensuring efficient and effective email and message archiving.

Archive Manager 5.6 is a minor release, with new features and functionality. See New features and Enhancement requests.

New features

New settings available on the Index Rollover Policy page:
Failover Mode: Enable, disable failover or remove secondary partitions.
Limit Type Settings: Set a rollover threshold for the indexing partitions by Age, Count or Size.
Age: Partitions will roll over after a specified number of days.
Count: Partitions will roll over when the total number of messages or attachments exceeds specified limit.
Size: Partitions will roll over when the total size of messages or attachments exceeds specified limit.
Redesigned the page Manage Archive Access where users enable or disable access to their hosted Exchange mailboxes.
Archive Manager Min Proxy Credentials on Hosted Mail Servers: Traverses all hosted mail servers to find out which one has been assigned the minimum number of proxy credentials, and retrieves that number.
Archive Manager Min Days Left to Expire for Proxy Credentials: Traverses all proxy credentials to find out which one is closest to expiration, and retrieves the number of days left.
Archive Manager Number of Expired Proxy Credentials: Retrieves the number of proxy credentials that have expired.

Enhancement requests

The following is a list of enhancement requests addressed in this release.

JRDL cannot link the mailbox without a login account in the resource forest.


Option to set limit type and value on the Index Rollover Policy page.


Clicking a stubbed message automatically redirects to new website.


Cannot stop FTI service from the Service Manager sometimes.


Support for custom logo displaying on the website login page.


GSM log folder needs to be compressed.


Improve the description on how to configure FTI in the documentation.


Option to disable and remove existing secondary partitions.


Support for multiple drives without enabling failover.


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