Download Foglight Experience Monitor (FxM) 5-7-0-2016092201 for Solution 214155

This Hotfix/Patch addresses the issues described below. Please read each description below to ensure that your issue criteria is met prior to installing this Hotfix/Patch.

For more information please refer to the included Release Notes, as well as solution SOL214155 in our KnowledgeBase.

The following is a list of issues resolved in this patch.

FXM-892 Fixed vulnerability due to CURL/LIBCURL UP TO 7.50.0 0 - CVE-2016-5419.
FXM-888 Updated msrsdeftool to override MaxObjects and TTL for a single category.
FXM-878 Fixed issue where a slow Probe/Portal network connection was causing holes in reports due to configuration loading time.

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