Download Foglight Cartridge for OpenStack Patch for solution 184546

For details, please see included release notes as well as solution SOL184546 in our Knowledge Base.

Resolved issues in this patch:
VFOG-11079 On the OpenStack Environment dashboard > Administration tab, the Fedora instance agent SSH connection algorithm negotiation failed. VFOG-11027 On the OpenStack Explorer dashboard, the Running Instances count was incorrectly set to zero. VFOG-11023 On the OpenStack Dependency dashboard, the tree infrastructure changed and displayed incorrect data in the federation master. VFOG-11009 The UI crashed because an embedded agent caused a java.lang.StackOverflowError in the federation master. VFOG-10781 Support for OpenStack Liberty. Note: OpenStack Kilo, the previous release of OpenStack, is not officially supported.

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