Download Foglight Cartridge for Microsoft .Net patch for solution 187864

For details, please see included release notes as well as solution SOL187864 in our Knowledge Base.

This hotfix addresses the issues listed in Resolved issues. The minimum version required for installing this hotfix is Foglight for Microsoft .NET This hotfix may receive additional testing. If you are not severely affected by the issues that this hotfix addresses, it is recommended that you install the next full release of Foglight for Microsoft .NET that includes this hotfix.

For complete product information, see the Foglight for Microsoft.NET 5.9.7 product documentation.

Note: This hotfix also includes the bug fixes addressed by the previous Foglight for Microsoft .NET hotfixes:

Note: There is a known issue with specific versions of the Foglight Management Server. See the Compatibility of this hotfix section before installing this hotfix.

This hotfix addresses the following issues:
STRACE-1921 - The time spent on SQL nodes in a single trace for .NET requests is calculated incorrectly.
STRACE-1837 - Nexus and AgentHost logs become filled with System.FormatException messages.
FGL-17923 - Data for newly monitored objects (application servers or request type) may fail to display in the dashboards. This issue occurs on Foglight Management Server 5.7.1 and might be noticed after upgrading Foglight for Microsoft .NET. This issue was fixed in Foglight Management Server 5.7.5.

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