Download Foglight Cartridge for Change Analyzer Patch for solution 184532

For details, please see included release notes as well as solution SOL184532 in our Knowledge Base.

Resolved issues in this patch:
VFOG-11069 Implemented the collection of missing Host Maintenance Mode Events in VMware®.
VFOG-11002 "Before" value is missing on VM configuration changes in Change History.
VFOG-10985 Implemented the collection of missing Maintenance Mode Events.
VFOG-10979 Change Analyzer shows empty rows for "Before" values on VM configuration change.
VFOG-10886 Added a new report type, "Change history report", to include all the items in the Change Analyzer > Change History dashboard.
VFOG-10344 Foglight Change Analyzer would often create a large number of alarms (FMS reports).
VFOG-9492 Change Analyzer UI shows data, but the History Report is blank.
VFOG-9138 CPU and Memory allocation changes do not appear in the Change Alarms periodically.
VFOG-8951 Context sensitive help for the Optimizer cart does not work correctly.
VFOG-8567 The "DC Created' event is not shown in History.
VFOG-8391 Some "Datastore Added" events for host are missing from Change History tab.
VFOG-6182 Added the capability to revert CPU and Memory priority changes for the Resource Pool.

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