Download Foglight for DB2 bundle - Linux x86_64

Foglight for DB2 LUW utilizes a lightweight agent that provides real-time monitoring of all layers of an enterprise application (systems, networks, Internet, and databases) and captures pertinent infrastructure application usage, service, and availability level data used to continually assess the state of an DB2 LUW installation. Using this collected data, Foglight Management Server provides a multi-dimensional view of resource utilization for capacity planning, problem determination, and trend analysis, both real-time and historically.

  • SQL Performance Investigator for Oracle, introducing:
    • Multi-Dimensional Historical Analysis
    • Lock Analysis
    • I/O Analysis
    • Execution Plan Analysis
    • Change Tracking
    • Compare
    • Enhanced Sessions details
    • Enhanced Reports
    • 'Databases - SQL PI' – A SQL PI based global view
    • Custom dashboards for the top SQLs/Batches
    • SQL PI dimensions data exported to CSV

  • Include/Exclude SQL statements from the top SQLs/Batches reports
  • Performance improvements
  • Increased scalability
  • Product YouTube videos
  • Support for Exadata X-4 and X-5
  • Ability to review alarm changes in this release

The documentation, with the exception of these Release Notes, has not been updated. For information about Foglight for Oracle, refer to the documentation.

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