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Security Explorer 9.9 - Installation Guide

Minimum permissions for Access Explorer

Logged in user

To create the Access Explorer database, the logged in user (Windows® Authentication) or SQL account must have rights to create databases, logins, and groups on the computer running SQL Server®.

Security Explorer service account

Service accounts for managed computers

Port requirements for Access Explorer

On the server where the Access Explorer agent is installed, configure the firewall to allow outgoing traffic on TCP port 8721, as well as incoming traffic on TCP port 18530. Also, ensure that the Access Explorer service firewall has the following exceptions configured: incoming TCP 8721, 8722, and outgoing 18530.

Minimum requirements for Microsoft Exchange for Security Explorer

Exchange Server 2010 - 2019: Enable Windows PowerShell® Remoting on the Exchange Server by running the Windows PowerShell command: Enable-PSRemoting –force.

Permission requirements to manage Microsoft Exchange in Security Explorer

In the Navigation pane, expand Role Based Access Control | Roles | ApplicationImpersonation | Assignments.
Select Assignments, and select File | New.
Select RecipientRelativeWriteScope and choose Organization from the list.
Click OK and restart Security Explorer.
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