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Quadrotech PST Flight Deck 8.1 - Release Notes

Quadrotech PST Flight Deck by Quest 8.1

Release Notes

November 2020

These release notes provide information about the latest Quadrotech PST Flight Deck by Quest release.

·New Features

·System Requirements

·Product Licensing

·Third Party Contributions


New Features

November 24, 2020

Override path in CUA

Added the option to override map network path in CUA.

Column Status

Column status will now show Status instead of ID.

Request Reset Agent

Request Reset Agent button added, allowing users to reset agent to multiple users.

Location Mismatch

The ability to change owner when it is located in a different location has been added.

User Deleted Status For Files That Can't Be Accessed

If the CUA does not have access to 'SHARE', you will get a failure within the console. Select 'RESET UPLOAD' to access these files.

New Report

A new user report screen for user mailbox statistics has been implemented under Reports.

Credentials Editor

The Credential Editor now has two sections: 'Service Credentials' and 'OAuth Credentials'.

Detach When Finished

When a file is ingested, the agent can be queued to be detached. This value is set to FALSE by default.

Marked Migrate

A new setting under Ownership.


System Requirements

System requirements for Quadrotech PST Flight Deck can be found in the Requirements Guide.

Product Licensing


Sometime in PST migration projects, there is a need to update the license key within the product. This could be due to a transition from a demo setup into a full production migration, due to the project duration or scope superseding the time or features stipulated within the file, or for several other reasons.

Should an updated license file be required, please contact your Quadrotech partner or representative to acquire the updated file. If you do not have a proper contact, please contact Licensing to begin discussions on how to acquire an updated license key.

Once an updated license has been acquired, please follow the instructions below to ensure PST Flight Deck is utilizing the new file.

Steps to install the new license for Quadrotech PST Flight Deck (FD) by Quest:

1.Close all active FD consoles

2.Stop FD Core service

3.Copy the updated license file to the FD server

4.Rename file to “license.lic”

5.Browse to the FD install directory; default location C:\Program Files\QUADROtech\PST FlightDeck

6.Copy “license.lic” file to the following locations under the install directory:

·Core Service

·Core WebService\Bin


7.Start FD Core service

8.Launch FD console and launch the “Info” menu in the upper left corner of the FD Admin Console as shown below:


9. Review product license information to ensure license file is properly recognized as shown below:


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